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It all started when...


    Sam Thomas began his love of art at an early age, spending hours upon hours drawing and building his own imaginative worlds. He was born in Denver and grew up in Colorado, graduating from Estes Park High School in 2004. As he grew older, Sam dove deeper into art, combining his love of storytelling with the pieces he created. The surreal and bizarre became his interests, pushing him to create flowing, ethereal dreamscapes.

    In 2011 his move to Anchorage, Alaska inspired new explorations in media, including oil on canvas and digital art.

    Sam’s work has been shown at the International Gallery of Contemporary Art through various group shows. He has also had works shown at the Student Union Gallery on the University of Alaska-Anchorage campus. In early 2016, Sam was one of a few event organizers of the Light Brigade Art Collective’s installation, “Transforming Adults Only”, where he assisted with everything from promotion, logistics and schematics, and community mapping. He graduated with a BA from the University of Alaska-Anchorage in 2017.

Shortly after, he moved back to his home state of Colorado and is now based in Denver. In early 2018, he became involved with the Denver Art Society, where he continues to show his work.